About Us

About Artisan

Artisan Communications was founded in 1999 and incorporates more than 50 years of experience in marketing communications and project management.

We practice strategy, planning, design, Web and digital development, advertising, event coordination, presentations and more.

We can help tell your story to grow your business.

Who are we?

ShannonShannon Anderson-Steece is the founder and a principal of Artisan Communications, a multimedia communications firm specializing in the development, production and promotion of informational, educational, and marketing projects.

She has 24 years experience in the advertising and public relations field, with a special focus on the healthcare industry. Ms. Anderson has worked with hospitals and other health care organizations to develop and deploy social marketing campaigns, and has provided strategic direction, media relations, health media forecasting and design and development for print, Web and broadcast media in California, Hawaii, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Prior to founding Artisan Communications, Ms. Anderson was a co-owner of a four-color printing business in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and worked as the manager of a pre-production service bureau. She grew up in the food service industry, managing a specialty restaurant/bake shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Larry Martin is a principal in Artisan Communications, with broad experience in private- and public-sector marketing communications and project management. His background includes:

• Leading downtown renovation projects in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Petaluma, California.

• Consulatation in proposal writing and real estate market economics.

• Building the Enterprise Center in Farmington, New Mexico, and spearheading the development of an optical fiber telecommunications backbone through the Four Corners.

• Managing corporate communications and business development for an Arkansas health care organization.

When looking forward to a bit of spare time, he spins dreams of camp-cruising in a small trimaran.