Once Upon a Time…

You have a story to tell and customers who want to hear it.

But your talent is designing smart products, delivering brisk service, building a tight organization, not putting words and pictures together to market what you do.

An outside team, like Artisan Communications, can suggest storytelling strategies that work. But there can be complications. Letting outsiders in costs time and money.

So what happens if you work with a marketing communications team like Artisan?

Here’s a possibility, one that we’ve helped catalyse many times: that you discover an opportunity to give more thought to the selling points of your products and services than you’ve done since the day your doors first opened.

Take a fresh look at your business. Listen with your customer’s ears. It’s one of the benefits of retaining an outside communications team. And you will also get sparkling new tools to put you in touch with your customers.

Not just web design, messaging and print materials, but strategically better ways to tell your story and communicate with your customers.

Web Design



Graphic Design

Social Media

A Few Examples of Our Work

Quit Smoking Campaign

Sport Aviation

Theatrical Production

Integrated Healthcare Marketing

Strategic Planning & Communications

Political Recruitment & Training

Video Marketing/Education

Antibiotic Resistance Campaign

Drug Policy Education

Our Skills

Our job is to understand the value of what you do and retell the story to your customers.

What makes your product unique? Why does your service satisfy? How are your customers’ lives enriched?

Do you bring them joy, ease, efficiency, delight, luxury, functionality, or something even better?

Every venture has a personality that stands apart from every competitor. Your new communications tools will make that clear.

How can Artisan help?

The tools to deliver your message are constantly evolving, but the basics remain constant. There’s you, there’s what you do, and there are your customers.

Artisan delivers:


Sharpening the value proposition of your products & services
  • Marketing communications planning
  • Budgets & scheduling


  • Concept development
  • Creative direction


  • Art for logos, print, broadcast, interactive & digital media
  • Web design & content management
  • Video, sound & A/V production
  • Printed materials: brochures, collaterals, magazines and newspapers
Newsletters, email and blogs
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Social media

Have an awesome project idea in mind?

Who We Are

Larry Martin is a principal in Artisan Communications, with broad experience in private- and public-sector marketing communications and project management. His background includes:

• Leading downtown renovation projects in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Petaluma, California.

• Consulatation in proposal writing and real estate market economics.

• Building the Enterprise Center in Farmington, New Mexico, and spearheading the development of an optical fiber telecommunications backbone through the Four Corners.

• Managing corporate communications  for an Arkansas health care organization.

Larry Martin

Principal, Artisan Communications

Shannon Anderson is the founder and a principal of Artisan Communications, specializing in the development, production and promotion of informational, educational, and marketing projects.

She has trhee decades experience in advertising and public relations, with a special focus on the healthcare industry. working with hospitals and other health care organizations to create and deploy social marketing campaigns, and has provided strategic direction, media relations, health media forecasting and design and development for print, Web and broadcast media in California, Hawaii, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Shannon Anderson

Principal, Artisan Communications

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